Gray city, gray buildings, gray roads, gray rain

I'm ♥ivian. '95 line. Summer child. I'm actually a multifandom blog, but then bangtan does the thing so. Things to know: first ultimate, bae & yoonmin. I'm friendly, I promise o u o »

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I tag pretty much everything that i reblog, but here are some tags that i use the most/feel is important ^^


i'm friendly as long as you're friendly :3 if there's a question about something, i'll try to answer as best as i can, but remember i make dumb mistakes too sometimes~

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this is just so…no

#BTSKookieDay Happy 17th/18th Birthday Jeon Jungkook! ♥

Do not repost/reupload/crop/edit/trace without permission

tired Jin o(╥﹏╥)o | trans.
Jimin-ah, I wish I could fall into the water just as I fall for your charms
J Grease (forever in love with Jimin)
demonstrate your beatbox to the expert, if they reply back with a beatbox, then that person is your expert.

while staying in LA…

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